Research work done on Koga Nepheline Syenite

Koga Nepheline Syenite

A lot of scientific research and mineral dressing test work has been done on Koga Nepheline Syenite following its discovery by Dr. Fuzail Siddiqui in 1965. Here is the list of reports written on the Nepheline Syenite deposit in Koga area:

1. User’s Survey for Nepheline Syenite Project by AFTEC (Pvt.) Limited, February 1994

2. Revised Draft Feasibility Report on Nepheline Syenite Project, by AFTEC (Pvt.) Limited, June 1994

3. Koga Nepheline Syenite Processing Plant for Use in Glass/Ceramics, by BESCON (Pvt.) Limited, 1993

4. Technical Appraisal of Nepheline Syenite Alkali Complex, by AFTEC (Pvt.) Limited ,December 1993 

5. Industrial Feasibility of Chemicals and Raw Material Production from Koga Nepheline Syenite, by Geochemistry Section, N&MRC Lahore, March/April 1993

6. Technical and Economic Consideration Studies For Justification of Geological Work on Nepheline and Limestone Deposit in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, by USSR v/o Tyazhpromexport, 1990

7. Detailed Geological Investigations of Nepheline Syenite of Koga Area, by Engineers Combine Limited, March 1977

8. Delineation of Low Iron Bearing Zones of Nepheline Syenite, Koga Area, Swat by Engineers Combine Limited, May 1979