Our Services

At SIDMIN, we offer compilation of Canadian National Instrument (NI) 43-101 compliant reports on your mineral properties, by a Qualified Person (QP).( For example titles of reports written)

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Comprehensive mineral exploration services involving, but not limited to :

  • Project management
  • Legal advice on Mining
  • Mineral exploration (In line with international best practices guidelines)
  • Drilling program
  • Budgeting
  • Quality control
  • Resources/Reserves estimation
  • Mining geology
  • Process mineralogy

Identification and evaluation of minerals and rocks by our team ( Click here for free sample identification… ) includes :

  • Expert mineral ID by physical, chemical and instrumental methods
  • Whole rock mineralogy, petrology and chemistry
  • Micro-chemical identification of mineral grains
  • Sale/Purchase of certified quality mineral specimens for collector

Environmental Services include:

  • Compilation of Initial Environmental Examination (IEE ) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports
  • Environmental management, planning of operating mines and metallurgical plants
  • Environmental sampling and analysis

Computer Geology Services:

  • Geological interpretation
  •  Computer handling of  exploration data
  • Computer aided 3D modeling
  •  Mineral resource/reserve estimation (Incl. application of Geostatistics)
  • -Disclosure in accordance with international terminology
  • 3D mine modeling
  • Mine production, planning and scheduling
  • Environmental management of golf courses
  • Environmental sampling and analysis
  • Audubon steward services
  • Audubon cooperative sanctuary program (ACSP) certification

Specialized training courses are also being offered by our team pertaining to :

  • Internationally recognized exploration best practices guidelines
  • International standards for public disclosure of exploration data and information
  • Internationally recognized mineral resources and reserves definitions
  • Principles of geo-statistics
  • Micro-chemical identification of ore mineral grains
  • -Process mineralogy techniques

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